Responsible Gaming

Each game, even in the gaming business, should be fun and pleasure. Otherwise, what is the point of the game? It is very important to observe a few simple rules to avoid the delusion of the game in the future. Always check how much time you put in the game. Control all your costs. If you’ve got bad luck just do not play catch-up. Try your fortune tomorrow and all the time know when enough is enough. Remember, a game is just fun but not a job.

Well, if you have a desire to play very often, you do not interest in your family and communication with your friends, you run off with the money just for play? Be sure that you almost have excessive gambling.

Do you have a gambling problem?

Do you take an interest in gambling games? Are you worried that you depend on gaming? Or you just want to play safe and give yourself a try? We suggest you try yourself with the test, which will help to know whether the game has a bad influence on your life or not. The test is a simple questionnaire. Your task is to answer “Yes” or “No”. If you will get a high number of “Yes”, then it means that gaming is a serious difficulty for you.

Test questions:

  • What is the aim of your game: kill routine or leisure time?
  • Do you play all alone?
  • Does gaming have an effect on your daily duties (study, work, etc.)?
  • Does anybody criticize you for gaming?
  • Do you have any necessity to play more after bad luck or quarrel with people in your life?
  • Do you have less concern to the world around, friends or family, family pets or drop the ball on your hobbies?
  • Does it take hard when you need to spend your “money for game” for something else?
  • Did you ever lie that you have had a really good time in-game?
  • Have you ever kept close the real amount of spent money?
  • Have you ever lied, thieve or incur debt for gaming?
  • Do you lose all your money at a time?
  • When you have bad luck, do you have a desire to play again and refund money?
  • Do you want to re-enter the game fast when spent all the money in the process of the game?
  • Do you have depression because of the game?
  • Do you have any thoughts about suicide?

Or you can take a quick self-assessment test, by following this link –
If you have “Yes” for the most part of these questions, there is no point in loose heart! There are people who is ready to give you an audience and help with advice. We provide a list of professional organizations where you can get qualified support and consult.

Organizations where you can get competent advice in gaming problem:

  • GamCare is one of the leading corporations that actively fights with the negative influence of gaming in Great Britain. Here you can get professional consultancy and help. Also, the company provides help to everybody who lives outside the territory of Great Britain. You can contact the official sources for any details of international associations in this industry. Official website: Hotline: 0845 6000 133.
  • Gamblers Anonymous is a community of people who have the purpose of common decisions of gaming problems. This community is a building on the mutual help of participants and groups exist around the world. Official website:
  • Gambling Therapy is an organization that offers help, support and consultancy to everyone who depends on gaming. The company’s professionals work in Great Britain and some other countries around the world. Official website:

Filtration system

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  • Net Nanny™
  • CyberPatrol

Data of the system will help you to correct effectively Internet access and set certain criteria and rules. Usually, parents use these filter programs for access limitation on some websites, including gaming websites, for their children.

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