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Rich Leprechaun Megaways game

Rich Leprechaun Megaways

RTP: 96.1
Embark on a whimsical journey filled with charm and fortune in the enchanting slot game, “Rich…
Money Ways game

Money Ways

RTP: 96.04
Let’s embark on an exhilarating adventure through the streets of Chicago, where in the glow of…
Book of Games 20 game

Book of Games 20

RTP: 95.58
Embark on an epic journey through the land of the Pharaohs with Book of Games 20,…
Book of Egypt game

Book of Egypt

RTP: 95.77%
Egypt-style games are classic for our players, for those who started their slot machines road from…
Aztec Artefacts game

Aztec Artefacts

RTP: 95.61
Aztec Artefacts is a new creation in the slot universe for all those who do not…
Sakura Mystery game

Sakura Mystery

RTP: 95.6%
Sakura Mystery is a brand-new mesmerising slot game set in the exotically breathtaking surroundings of Japan.
Western Riches game

Western Riches

RTP: 96.1%
Ride into town on a fine steed and join your posse in a round of ThunderSpin’s…
Book of Games game

Book of Games

RTP: 95.7%
The adventure begins with the latest enthralling new slot game, Book of Games. Like Indiana Jones,…
Pyramids game


RTP: 95.8%
Embark on a journey into the ancient world of the Aztecs within Pyramids Slot, where the…
Book of Jam game

Book of Jam

RTP: 95.9%
Open the pages of the Book of Jam and discover a rush of sugary, sweet wins…
Sky Lanterns game

Sky Lanterns

RTP: 95.8%
Step into the romantic atmosphere of the Chinese New Year Festival. Sky Lanterns slot immerses you…
Halloween Witch Party game

Halloween Witch Party

RTP: 95.6%
Trick or Treat? Get your spook on with Halloween Witch Party, the slot that takes…
Kingdom of Glory game

Kingdom of Glory

RTP: 96.2%
Rediscover the legends surrounding King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table in Kingdom…
Book of Treasures game

Book of Treasures

RTP: 92.19 - 96.16%
Go on epic exploration adventures and find ancient riches from lost civilisations. With Book of…
Vikings: Frozen Gods game

Vikings: Frozen Gods

RTP: 96.3%
Vikings: Frozen Gods is an epic journey into the cold, dark lands of the Far…
Angels vs Demons game

Angels vs Demons

RTP: 96%
Angels vs Demons is set during an epic confrontation between the powers of…
Spy Girls game

Spy Girls

RTP: 95.4%
Jump into the mission with these astonishingly attractive lady spies. The game comes with…
Egypt Story game

Egypt Story

RTP: 96.3%
If pyramids are your thing, dare to throw yourself into the Egypt Story in a…
Stellar game


RTP: 96%
Strap yourself to the pilot’s seat of your spaceship and get ready to jump into…
Cute Farm game

Cute Farm

RTP: 95.7%
Wake up at dawn and put on your farmer’s boots and hat – there’s work…
World Cup Football Slot game

World Cup Football Slot

RTP: 95.4 - 96.2%
The atmosphere of the world cup is intoxicating. World Cup Football Slot captures that excitement. …
The Money game

The Money

RTP: 96.2%
Money makes the world go round. Dive deep into a world of cash, golden coins,…
Zombie Slot Deluxe game

Zombie Slot Deluxe

RTP: 96.1%
The dead won’t stay in their graves in the creepy and atmospheric Zombie Slot Deluxe!…
Space Jail game

Space Jail

RTP: 95.5%
Have you ever wondered what happens to criminal aliens in the future? This futuristic slot…
Snailtown game


RTP: 95.7%
It’s high noon in Snailtown and time for an epic showdown.  Some of these trigger-happy…
The Queen of Spades game

The Queen of Spades

RTP: 96%
The Queen of Spades has a few tricks up her sleeve, so you better keep…
Necronomicon game


RTP: 95.3%
Dabble in the occult and live the treacherous consequences in the Necronomicon slot machine. Explore…
Monster Sushi game

Monster Sushi

RTP: 95.6%
If there’s one hellish kitchen you do not want to walk into, that’s the one…
Magic Jam game

Magic Jam

RTP: 94.6%
Ready to do some spell-slinging? Magic Jam takes you on a spell-casting case in which…
Jolly Roger game

Jolly Roger

RTP: 94.2%
Jolly Roger is a gripping pirate slot that will take you on a voyage across…
Joker Jack game

Joker Jack

RTP: 95.5%
Joker Jack adds a pinch of showmanship and a whole lot of Las Vegas razzle…
Indian Gold game

Indian Gold

RTP: 95.5%
The strong spirit of America’s indigenous people lives on! Explore the tribal ways of Native…
Crazy New Year game

Crazy New Year

RTP: 95.1%
In Crazy New Year, all the classic Winter Holiday characters are on the fritz and…
Circus Train game

Circus Train

RTP: 94.3%
Board the crazy Circus Train for a truly moveable feast! Take a crack at the…
Animals Steam game

Animals Steam

RTP: 95,4%
Animals Steam is a steampunk-inspired online slot which features mechanical animals in a tantalizing industrial world.
Gold Sea game

Gold Sea

RTP: 95.8%
Submerged at the bottom of the sea there lies a sunken ship and on it,…
Chibi Slot game

Chibi Slot

RTP: 95.7%
Chibi Slot transports you back in time to a cute Chibi version of Samurai-era Japan,…
Candyland game


RTP: 95%
If you have a sweet tooth, Candyland is the perfect way to indulge it in…
Calipso game


RTP: 95.8%
Take a deep breath and dive into a colourful underwater world. Calipso online slot will take…
Atomic Mushrooms game

Atomic Mushrooms

RTP: 95.5%
It’s the apocalypse and nuclear fallout is the new reality. Atomic Mushrooms online slot tells the…
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