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Halloween Witch Party game

Halloween Witch Party

RTP: 96.4%
In honor of Halloween, the Witch decided to throw a festive party in her mansion for…
Kingdom of Glory game

Kingdom of Glory

RTP: 96.2%
Stories about King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and the magician Merlin are quite…
Book of Treasures game

Book of Treasures

RTP: 96.5%
Get the Book of Treasures And Start The Hunt For Mayan Gold. Go for adventures and…
Vikings: Frozen Gods game

Vikings: Frozen Gods

RTP: 96.35%
Have you ever wanted to get close to brave warriors of the past who had to…
Angels vs Demons game

Angels vs Demons

RTP: 96.04%
What side you’re on when it comes to a battle between good and evil? Would you…
Spy girls game

Spy girls

RTP: 95.4%
Greetings from a spy world, where you can enjoy new stunning slot machine game Spy Girls…
Egypt Story game

Egypt Story

RTP: 96.44%
Can you recollect the memories of your favourite film inspired by the history of Ancient Egypt?…
Stellar game


RTP: 96%
Imagine a borderless vista. The temperature is below zero. You’re in outer space. The endless emptiness…
Cute Farm game

Cute Farm

RTP: 95.75%
Can farming be funny, and easy? For sure, if we’re speaking about the Cute Farm! This…
World Cup Football Slot game

World Cup Football Slot

RTP: 95.4%
World Cup Football slot is a perfect match for football fans. However, this is more than…
Money game


RTP: 96.2%
The Money is an exciting 3×5 reel slot with all the exciting features: a well-designed graphics,…
ZombieSlot game


RTP: 96.1%
Have you ever had a chance to collect a zombie from the pieces? Well, probably not.
Space Jail game

Space Jail

RTP: 95.5%
Space Jail is a futuristic ThunderSpin slot. The story happens on a distant intergalactic prison far…
Snailtown game


RTP: 95.7%
SnailTown – is, in a first place, a bold and original conceptual development of ThunderSpin design…
Queen of Spades game

Queen of Spades

RTP: 96%
The Queen of Spades is one of those slots that lets you win fast and quite…
Necronomicon game


RTP: 95.3%
Well, everyone likes slots dedicated to the themes of the afterworld! Isn’t it so? Especially if…
Monster Sushi game

Monster Sushi

RTP: 95.6%
Monster Sushi – this time you won’t have a chance to enjoy your favorite Japanese meal…
Magic Jam game

Magic Jam

RTP: 94.6%
An evil magic hat is one of the main characters of the game. It also guarantees…
Jolly Roger game

Jolly Roger

RTP: 94.2%
One more “marine” slot from ThunderSpin. This time action takes place not on the seabed, but…
JokerJack game


RTP: 95.6%
Joker Jack – is a classic joker-slot made by ThunderSpin. From time to time every player…
Indian Gold game

Indian Gold

RTP: 95.6%
Paying tribute to the Native Americans, ThunderSpin developers have created this colorful slot, where wise Indians…
Crazy New Year game

Crazy New Year

RTP: 95.07%
What about a New Year any time you want it? Sounds wild? Oh yes, it does.
Circus Train game

Circus Train

RTP: 94.2%
Circus Train is a game heartedly devoted to the travelling artists: dancers, acrobats, wild animal tamers,…
Animals Steam game

Animals Steam

RTP: 95,00%
Animals Steam is another steampunk masterpiece from ThunderSpin. This time the main characters are the technically…
Gold Sea game

Gold Sea

RTP: 95.6%
GoldSea – one more slot that offers you some good chances to win. You have a…
Chibi Slot game

Chibi Slot

RTP: 95.16%
If you are a fan of Japan and Japanese culture, you would enjoy our Chibi Slot…
Candy Land game

Candy Land

RTP: 95.00%
Candyland is a «festive slot» for everyday good mood! Due to “sweet” wild symbols and an…
Calipso game


RTP: 94.8%
Calipso is a legendary nymph who saved Odyssey and detained him for seven years. What secrets…
Atomic Mushrooms game

Atomic Mushrooms

RTP: 95.6%
A lighhearted take from ThunderSpin developers on nuclear war and its possible apocalyptic aftermath. Mushrooms already…